Sunday, June 15, 2008

"The Time To Hesitate is Through"

Hesitation...I guess I did. I started this just before we left and here it is Wednesday, the third day of travel.

We couldn't have left much sooner than we did -- we had a family wedding to attend the last week home.
And then we did postpone a day to feel more relaxed.
Why rush -- to begin a long uncharted journey?

The last month has been hectic and emotional.
So many good-byes...with clients, friends, and family.
Mostly a combo of tough and touching; individually and cumulatively.
And also saying good-bye to our house (which will happily be occupied and taken care of over the year) and our long-term office (the closing is supposed to happen SOON).
Letting go of daily routines and place.
Exciting and scary and a bit surreal.

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