Sunday, June 22, 2008

Houses of Oak Park, IL





These all are in a few block radius of the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum.
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Andrew said...

okay, packing along all those electronics was a worthwhile endeavor! those photos are great. I see that the purple birkenstocks made the cut, too. good to know.

Barbara said...

You certainly are observant! Thanks for shoes and my photos.

We are just getting used to all our toys and the best ways to use them.


rissalynn said...

Those are great photos! Thanks for posting them. I am truely enjoying reading about your travels. It is exciting to me to turn on the computer and see where the two of you have been and are going.
On a side note: you mentioned prarie dogs. When I was in Colorado a couple months ago I was obsessed with the prarie dogs. Im not really sure why! They are just cool little critters

Barbara said...

Marissa -- not sure you'll scroll back here to get my comment to your comment BUT I found it interesting that prairie dogs are related to squirrels and not woodchucks -- which we think they resemble and act like.