Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So what is wrong with our new Roadtrek RV?Not a lot but it took all day.I spent all of yesterday driving to a little town near Syracuse that sold us our RV and services it. And because the place is in the middle of nowhere, 5 hours in the shop watching, helping and learning from the excellent mechanic Dan who shared his knowledge and opinions gracefully. In the meantime Jamie at the counter got answers to a number of my questions by repeatedly calling directly to Roadtrek in Canada. A day well spent with most of the annoying things taken care of.The biggest being a broken waste disposal hose which broke after only one use -- hope that problem is solved or could mean a lot of shit -- literally. Having used the trek only once over night and even then not all of the systems (they are many and complicated) I/we are a little nervous about how it all will work. Oh well , part of the adventure.


Andrew said...

there's always a bit of an acclimatization period with any new toy. hopefully you guys will get everything sorted out without too much trouble. good luck! Did all the shoes fit inside?

Barbara said...

Hi Andrew,

Yes, it will take awhile to get used to our new traveling home!

And I do think all the shoes will fit but we are not all packed yet. We spent time stocking the kitchen yesterday and that area seems to fit more than we thought. With relief, we got in our equipment and edibles and still have the frig space.

As for flickr...thanks for the invite. I saw your photos (inc of your trip east) but haven't been back to post more of my own.

I appreciate your involvement and encouragement with all this.

rissalynn said...

Of course I hope the driving is smooth and problem free, but I have vivid memories of roadtrip breakdowns as a kid that are stronger and longer lasting then the reasons for the trips themselves. Sometimes it is all just part of the adventure of it all! Although, at the moment it happens, it is no fun and I am sure costly.