Monday, June 23, 2008

The Good about the Badlands is Bad

We have been enjoying our stay here. With moderate temps, running into the low 80s during the day and cooling at night. Lush greens with lots of wildflowers.
But yesterday, while on a Park Ranger/naturalist led prairie walk, we were informed that this was not normal for this time of year. Like in many MidWestern areas, the Badlands have received an inordinate amount of rain over the last month. Usually by this point in the season there would have been days hitting over the 100 degree mark.
The ranger reported that those living in the area have sighted wildflowers that they have never before seen in the region and that the tall sweet clover most years only grows to half or one third its height now.
They speculate that the rain caused additional erosion equal to 500 years!

But we reveled in being outdoors and hiking another trail (the Notch) marked moderate to strenuous. A lot of ledge walking, worth it for the view.

But a trail not recommended for those afraid of heights and LADDERS! One of a number of trials that I usually avoid.
Pictures next...

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