Friday, April 24, 2009

More Caves


Had to stop at Luray Caverns in Virginia while we had the chance. Although tame caving -- a self-guided tour via audio headsets on a paved trail - this was another natural wonder. A mirror lake, "fried eggs" made of broken stalagmite, soda straws, totem poles, small villages, creatures and mythological formations, a wishing well -- who needs Disney indeed. Alan said it was the stuff of -- dreams and nightmares!
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Gretchen said...

We visited these caverns several years ago. We loved the tour but were disappointed that you could not touch the walls like at the Howe Caverns. Pretty awesome though.
Looking forward to our dinner when you return.

Barbara said...

hey, we're here.... just arrived home this morning and taking break from all the stuff that is coming off the van and boat. See you soon, I hope.
And when might our dinner be?

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