Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where Are They Now??

Quick update. We loved and stayed in Yosemite for almost two weeks. Computer availability and service were spotty. I LOST a number of emails -- mostly outgoing. So, if you are waiting for a missive from me, wait a bit more -- but you can REMIND me.

A few of you asked about the rockslides that you had heard about. They occurred in the next "village" to ours in Yosemite. We were in Yosemite Village and the slide happened in Curry village. We heard about the Tuesday slide and then Wednesday morning we were awakened by the sound of the second one. News was that there were a few people with minor injuries.

From Yosemite, we went to visit Alan's cousins in Lafayette, CA -- lovely family, lovely home, in a beautiful area of the country with enviable climate and great community/neighborhood resources including paved bike path, local reservoir (also with a walking path), and those CA eateries.

Also had a serendipitous haircut appointment -- just looking around, remembered that most salons are closed on Monday after trying to get into one that was closed, found a second salon with one stylist there who just had a cancellation and so after my Canadian cut in August, I now have a california cut.

The Undesirables:
There are only four houses on the street that Alan's cousins live. They each have their own private driveways and acreage behind the houses -- but there is limited on-street parking. A little way up the hill there is a round-about where visitors can park. We planted our vehicle there while we stayed in the house. The first night, a neighbor called -- Just want you to know...there is a suspicious looking van on your street and there may be undesirables sleeping there!!
We all got a good laugh over that...and come to think of it...our neighbors would probably (hopefully) mention if an unknown vehicle was hanging around our block for awhile.

When we left Lafayette on Monday afternoon, we knew we were/are planning to be in San Jose this coming weekend. I am going to Book Club Expo and I have a dental appointment there too.... but had no plans for a few days.

Decided that morning to drive to Napa, and stopped at the Alexis Baking Company ( )owned by Rebecca's friend Andrew's was closing up for the day...but we reached them and shared a great foodie dinner at Pearl ( with Andrew, his mom Alexis, and his friend Dave ((hi, all!)).

Today we got a personal tour and tasting at Bouchaine winery ( where Andrew is the lab director.
Learned a lot and tasted more than my usual one glass that I drink in a month or three ...loved the special treatment and the facts and myths about winemaking.

So much more to show-and-tell...but I am sitting in the local public library and it is time to meet Alan to go to our campground.

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