Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Passenger?

Be Careful What You Wish For....

Earlier in the day at Book Group Expo, in San Jose, I had joked that they should give a prize to the person who travelled the farthest and since I am from NY...
(I did find a couple of other NYers and heard someone came in from Hawaii), I thought I might win the prize.

And although they didn't give out a distance award, as the second day drew to a close, my name was drawn as the raffle winner of the gift basket.
Looks great there in the conference hall. But it's another thing when brought in to the Trek.
It could sit on the passenger seat or in the space between the two beds.
Filled with five print books and an audio book, cookies, coffee, cheese, a bottle of wine, fudge, a t-shirt, a certificate for a stay at the San Jose Hilton, and more.
Photographed it in its pretty state but then disassembled it. Gave the basket away at the campground and stored the rest to consume and regift!!

More about Book Group Expo and our wonderful times in CA coming soon

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