Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where Are The Adventurers Now?

Where are the adventurers? The Aviatrix (?!) and The Captain, having postponed horseback riding and surfing, and who left their MacGregor sailboat in upstate NY, decided to borrow a explore Lake Serenity, the River of Desires, and the Sea of Indulgence.

Lee Vining, CA on way to Yosemite.
Challenging hikes, leisurely bike rides, rock slides, watching climbers, the prez debates on our computers, sunny days and cold mornings.
Spent 5 days there and soon to show and tell more about it.
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Judith said...

Greetings from Brazil. You both seem to be having a great time. We will email you pictures.

Vincent & Judith

Barbara said...

Thanks! Glad that you are also enjoying your traveling. Looking forward to your stories and photos.