Friday, September 5, 2008

Where Are We & Where Are You?

Things have been quiet around here on both sides. You haven't heard from me but you readers have been quiet as well (invisible?).

I've even slowed down on email. Too busy spending time with our daughter.
Rebecca joined us for a visit of almost two weeks. We've been traveling in WA. Picked her up in Seattle, where we spent a few city days and then to Natl Parks, Mt Rainier and Olympic, hiking, visiting small coastal towns, touring some lavender farms in Sequim, beach walking, and continued consuming lots of local seafood and other great eats.

It was rainy a few days there in the middle and got into the 30s one night and not much into the 4os the next day. Cold and dreary, we hung out more indoors and with less than 100 sq feet it got pretty crowded...but we all had a great time -- cloudy or sunny.

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