Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Crabby Story

Just a couple of days after we met the crabber on the beach (entry below), we got to go crabbing with our old friend, Jan.

We went to pick up his boat from storage to tow it to the dock and -- the battery was dead.

We went out to the dock anyway, intending to rent a boat and -- there were none available.

So, we decided to join others who were crabbing from the dock. We caught two crabs, a female and an undersized male (by a tad) and - had to throw them back.

We went to the port to buy fresh tuna off the boat and -- they were all out.

We went to the local seafood store and -- they had only one pound of tuna left for sale.

And -- it was an absolutely wonderful day.
Sunny and funny, and spent with old friends, kibbutzing and catching up, and sharing a great home-cooked meal (that one pound of tuna and also halibut, grilled, with a spread of tasty accompaniments) with Jan and Trish in their lovely Newport home.

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