Friday, September 5, 2008

Books, Bathrooms, and Signs

Some readers have asked whether I plan to write a book about our travels. As you can see, I do enjoy sharing our journey in both words and photos. But as an avid reader myself of travel literature/memoirs, I think it is more interesting to read about wild boar in Borneo (there are boar in Borneo, right?) than let's say a review of campground bathrooms including shower supplies, scheduling, and strategies to ensure camper cleanliness -- about which I am an expert. ((So you don't think I am alone in this interest, I would like to point out that there is more than one blog -- the most popular is -- devoted to this specialized topic.))

In my travels, I have also gotten interested in various signage -- on roadways, in campgrounds -- including outside or in the bathroom. We continue to drive roads that warn us of various hazards like rock slides or wild animals. But for the worried traveler, pictured here are two additional concerns to think about while using the facilities.

This was in a bathroom stall!! Notice that there aren't any suggestions of what to do IF you hear the second siren. Guess you'd be in a good position -- to kiss your ass goodbye.
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