Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On the Water

First, a summary of where we have been:
After a lovely visit with our friend's Phyllis and Richard in Lake Placid, FL, we drove up to the Fort Lauderdale area. Nice, albeit short, visits with Alan's cousins and then my nephew and his family. Then stopped at St Pete's Beach for a library event before we went back to our friend Mike's house in Palm Harbor -- where we had left our boat (and now left the RV there). Mike was an old salty by the end of the day he spent on the boat with us since Capt Alan gave him sailing lessons.

Alan and I overnighted at the Clearwater Municipal Marina -- a very active tourist dock. Dinner cruises, fishing boats, jet skis, kayaks, pirate ships, snorkeling and shelling excursions,...all rentals there anytime. But our night was quiet and peaceful.

Spent today boating...mostly motoring with a tad bit of sailing. As I am want to do on water....I slept a lot on deck. We are now anchored out in St Petersburg harbor.
We did just over 36 miles in six hours. Boating is slow living.

This is a short trial run. For us being back on the boat, checking systems, and preparation. Lists of what we forgot (confession -- I am wearing men's underwear!--I am so comfortable in Alan's Patagonia's because that is something I forgot to pack. Alan only forgot his toothbrush).

Photos and more stories soon.

What are you up to?


Heather J. said...

Aaahhh ... it sounds simply wonderful down there. As for me, this coming weekend is booked solid, but it will be a good one: book club on Saturday and my son's Irish Step Dance recital on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to both events!

Barbara said...

You sound pleasantly busy too.
What's your book club book?

Heather J. said...

Ooh, it was a bad one this time ... CHANGE OF HEART by Jodi Picoult. I actually hated it. My review will be posted on my blog on Saturday morning - drop by and check it out if you want to hear the details.

Hopefully the meeting will still be good though - disagreement CAN be fun after all.

Barbara said...

I'll check your blog and would love to hear about your book group discussion.
I've read other titles by Jodi Picoult (most notably My Sister's Keeper), Have you? I like that she writes about generally controversial topics...her writing often too pat or with contrived elements, but great discussion topics.

Heather J. said...

We actually discussed MY SISTER'S KEEPER back when the book club first started. It wasn't bad, and it made for some great discussion.

It was FAR, FAR better than CHANGE OF HEART, that's for sure.