Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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A Lovely Day in Savannah

After two long driving days, we decided to stay in Savannah a second night and go into the city for the day.
Alan unhooked the boat so we could leave it at our spot at the campground and we drove the van to the Riverfront area of Savannah. T-shirt weather, an active and picturesque port, great southern cooking, arts and crafts, and cobblestone streets; we really enjoyed ourselves.

Incredible basket maker. Should I believe that her last name, as her card says, is really DaVine? Her baskets are woven out of all wild vines that she gathers. She sits and weaves the day away and says each basket takes about two hours to create (half hour for gathering and one-and-a-half hours for weaving). She has found a use for kudzu, the invasive plant, as one of her weaving materials. She shared a southern saying about it...If you sleep in the south, you'd better close the bedroom window, lest you be strangled by the kudzu! Wish we could have fit more than the one we purchased.

Center Market has lots of small art galleries...some with older more experienced artists like the one in the photo...selling her original oil and giclee prints of landscapes and flowers. Soothing and simple images. I liked her painting of two red adirondack-style chairs by the side of a lake...as did two women with a self-published book, who asked to use a copy of the painting for the book cover.

Southern cook Paula Deen is VERY Big down here -- with a store and restaurant, catering business and line of specialty sauces and other gourmet foods.

Nice people, good energy, great stories (many artist's like to talk and talk about their art and their inspiration and I like to listen).
And Alan and I also commented on the seeming continuation of building and construction projects. Signs that say: Opening Spring 2009.
Did no one tell these Georgians about the state of the economy? An air of growth and optimism. Of course, that's probably not the whole story yet it was a wonderful feeling and a respite from the specter of crisis.


Sue Gouse said...

Hi Barbara,
I am the artist in your Savannah experience - you take nice photos! Fun to see what you did in my beautiful city. Come see us again! Sue Gouse, Gallery 9, City Market, Savannah, GA 31401

Barbara said...

Just caught this comment...and I didn't mean to say you are old without the comparison that I was thinking about. I met some artists in their early twenties just opening small galleries in your area.
Enjoyed meeting and talking with you.