Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tumbleweed and Travel

Greetings to all,

After our wonderful interlude on Santa Cruz Island, we returned to the Ventura mainland for a couple of days. Including having a delightful lunch with our friend Tim's cousin Catherine -- an intrepid traveler and courageous, creative woman -- at her home and another day trip to Ojai where we stopped at "The World's Greatest Outdoor Bookstore," Bart's Books.

Talking about books (well, sort of) I am writing a piece about women's travelogues with a focus on road trips (and coastal boating). Please send any recommendations!!

Yesterday was a travel day, through desolate roads of wind and tumbleweed. We are in Panamint, CA, in a high-desert campground outside of Death Valley National Park, and we plan to spend a few days in the park. The environment is more varied than its name implies and we, of course, plan to post photos after our hiking there. Alan has prepared a list of possibilities.

Our wifi connection here exists -- spotty and slow -- and expecting none for a few days. Definitely no cell phone. In fact, the guidebook says that this campground only uses satellite phones and if one is trying to call in from somewhere else to make reservations, that they may not be able to get through.

On another note, I did join facebook and had an initial flurry of activity connecting with folks I know who are already on. A vast array of new and old friends, some of whom I had lost touch with, and a nephew! So, if you are on,contact me there too.

We'll write more when we emerge into more civilized places.


Anonymous said...


Joyce and I will be in Death Valley early February. Take good notes :-)

Vicariously I'm enjoying a great trip through the U.S.

You and Allen know how to have fun. Nice to see the little kids inside are alive and well!

Charlie's Uncle

Barbara said...

Thanks for the encouraging message. We had great time in Death Valley and hope to blog about it soon.
Perfect hiking weather -- generally mid 50s and low 60s (cooler at night). Took tons of photos.