Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Friends on the Road

Is there an echo in here?

A couple of weeks ago, while in one of my favorite campgrounds Morro Dunes, just as I was about to step into a shower stall a nearby woman asked – Do you own the Roadtrek? When I said yes, she said that she and her husband had been “following” us. This was the third place they had seen us and that they had even been in the spot next to ours in the Santa Cruz campground.
But the most interesting thing that the woman, Kate said was, “My husband and I took a year off to travel the country.” That’s usually my line and so I repeated to her, “My husband and I took a year off to travel the country.” We looked at each other and smiled. Is there an echo in here?

Another major similarity is that we both own small RVs – Class Bs – built on van chassis’. And yet with differences. Theirs is a Sprinter with a diesel engine. We own a converted Chevy van with a regular gas engine. Ours is a standard Roadtrek model with some options to choose from. Theirs is a Sportsmobile which is a more customized design. Theirs is longer and leaner and taller. Ours is wider. As Bob, Kate’s husband, said – ours is more spacious and yours is cozier. But they get to say, “We live together 24/7 in a 24/7.”

Other than family and friends who have come for visits and the many cursory tours we have given of our van (to many curious people), Katie and Bob are the only people we have had over for snacks and chat. And same for them when they reciprocated a couple of nights after.

They have been on the road a month longer than we have and started from Seattle. We all seem to enjoy many of the same places especially National Parks. They are avid readers as well and shared books with us. We have some professional crossover and political agreements. Very pleasant to meet others of similar persuasion!

We now keep in touch via email and check in with each others blogs...and there’s a good chance we just might meet up again ((Hi – you two!!))


bob and katie said...

They sound like really cool people! Maybe we'll run into them. Wait! We are them! Hi you guys.

Barbara said...

Great that you read this. Any additions to the list?