Sunday, December 14, 2008

Death Valley and Vegas Virgins

We spent a few days in Death Valley and it was very different than the images in our heads. It is not just dry and flat. It is an area of mountains, textures, shadings,and a brown palette from cream to chocolate with dabs of orange and green. Layers and canyons, which as we found out could be maze-like. Hiking was lovely in the cooler autumn temps., hovered mid 50s through lower 60s (and colder at night).
We both had fun taking hundreds of photos (SOME of which we will soon share). It is difficult to get good broad expanse shots of the views -- especially with our cameras. But also for the "big boys." When I oohed over a poster photo in the Natl Park store the ranger said that the picture had really been photo-shopped combining three different scenes together.

And Alan went swimming in the naturally heated pool, we had a fiasco of a lunch at the fancy inn restaurant (recommended by both a well-traveled online friend and Fodor's description of their "top-notch" desert-themed cuisine) and better meals at the downhome 49ers restaurant -- where we shared a meal with a Dutch couple also on sabbatical in a rental RV (very interesting perspective and itinerary).

Alan and I, even when we have been geographically close, have intentionally NEVER visited Las Vegas before. Here now and why? The two major things we wanted to do are not available -- Cirque de Soleil "O" -- seems closed till Christmas (a "dark" period on the website) and old upstate NY friends we wanted to catch up with are busy this weekend.

Just found out that the Dutch couple we met in Death Valley are here in Las Vegas -- just a couple of rows over in this RV park (right next to Circus-Circus). Going to go over and have coffee with them before we all go our separate ways.

And last night we made plans to meet our on-road friends, Katie and Bob (who we spent time with at Morro Bay and have similar RV and travel plans) in San Diego for Christmas.

Lots more stories but this is the basic outline! For now...because it's time to get out and explore.
Miss you all but not the weather!!

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