Friday, May 16, 2008

Alan's Story

This is the great land and maybe sea cruise - a year off to go and do whatever we feel like doing at the moment. Yes we are committed to traveling in this small but fancy RV but to where and when???? Go west young man - well not so young and it is man n woman and besides there is much more land west so it seems like the obvious choice. Having crossed the continent by bus, motorcycle, thumb and of course plane this is yet another way to do it. The choice of RV dictated by wanting to visit lots of wilder places (like walmart parking lots) and still be comfortable. Excited going, sad about leaving. The whole trip and year feel like another bookmark, or is it bookend in my life. At 23 years of age I took a year off (oh I hadn’t yet worked much so off from what you might ask) to travel. Well here I/we go again - another adventure YAY!!!!

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